Top Video Editing Institute Near me

Top Video Editing Institute Near me

Are you interested to learn Video Editing? Offline and online? Increasing quality demands of Video increasing a lot of chances to get high paid job as Video Editor in various industry.

Adobe Premiers, Adobe after effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Final Cut Pro are the most in demanding software’s to create quality, featured, and promotional video. Creating a high-quality video needs a proper arrangements of various video shots to enhance the quality of the video. It's a part of post-production its means you have to give the final look of video after the shooting the footage and recording audio.

At Next-G Education our certificate and advanced short term and long-term video editing courses provides an opportunity to study and improve their skills as per the technology needed for today's industry. All courses offered by us are best suited for beginners and professional who are looking to improve their skills in more video editing software.

Course outcomes At Next-G Education are:

  • Learn under 5+ years professional trainer
  • Get deep knowledge of Quality video creation and digital video creation
  • Classes are available in weekend, week days and customize mode
  • Both online and offline classes are available
  • Work with live projects
  • Clear doubt before each class
  • Complete a short, promotional, digital videos during the course
  • Unlimited practice session in offline mode
  • Get training with latest updated software’s
  • Get free of cost demo
  • Pay fees in flexible EMI
  • Assured Job placements after the course

Ready to make stories come to life through the cutting of video, sound and picture? Taught by professional trainer established in the industry, our reputable video editing courses in Rohini, Delhi will equip you with everything you need to excel in post-production Industry. Learn all skillset need to create quality videos like: visual effects, colour grading, audio post, screen graphics, shoot and edit.

Certificate and advanced short term and long-term video editing course

Advance Video Editing Course

Video Editing Expert

Video Editing Expert Premium

Video Editing Standard

Short Term Video Editing Course

Wedding Videography Expert Course

Adobe After Effects

Filmora Expert Course

Adobe Premiere