Which one is best Video Editing Institute for Offline and Online Classes?

Which one is best Video Editing Institute for Offline and Online Classes?

We have now made our Video Editing Course available online and offline.

Video Editing Course at Next-G Education is designed for aspiring video editors at a beginner or intermediate level. It is available in both offline and online mode.  Interested students can join this course from any part of country through online mode.

Video Editing classes are delivered by our professional in-house trainers. Having a 7+ years’ experience in video editing software’s classes and live video editing projects, they deliver all essentials skills to become a professional editor.

For joining our video editing courses basic knowledge of computer required. Not much more technical knowledge is required. Because we start from very basic or beginner level and complete till advance level.

Our training process includes:

  • An Introduction to Video Editing and Workflow
  • Video Editing Essentials
  • Audio & Colour Grading in video
  • Effects and Graphics implementation
  • Captions / Subtitling and Exports

Learning complete course will help you to get familiar with various video editing software interface. Apart from this you will also learn:

  • how to start creating your edits
  • how to assemble an edit, work with both A & B Roll
  • how to, identify and use keyboard shortcuts and create a narrative to tell a story
  • learn how to add music, voice over and sound effects
  • learn how to audio ducking, different audio channels
  • learn how to accurately use Premiere to solve White Balance issues, create stylistic looks and recolour entire scenes.
  • learn how to adjust Keyframes and apply simple animations, effects and transitions to your edits.
  • learn how to add subtitles, lower thirds and titles to your edit.
  • learn how to export settings so that your video will look great without taking up too much space.

Our batches are available from morning 10 AM to 8 PM in both online and offline mode. Our offline classes arranged at our Institute and online mode are available through out skype, Google Meet, , Zoom , Anydesk .

Certificate and advanced short term and long-term video editing course

·         Advance Video Editing Course

·         Video Editing Expert

·         Video Editing Expert Premium

·         Video Editing Standard

·         Short Term Video Editing Course

·         Wedding Videography Expert Course

·         Adobe After Effects

·         Filmora Expert Course

·         Adobe Premiere